Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Second Pattern is being tested!!!

My second pattern started testing a few days ago. It is a matching wrap to the scarf I already did. It is called the Off to the Races Wrap. I can't wait till it is done and I can publish it!!! I am also in the process of writing a pattern for a fillet crochet of Michael Jackson and a shawl that has cables and Lace in it. Oh and I am test knitting one sweater and I have an other sweater to do that is a sample knit that I will be paid for. I am a busy busy knitter LOL

Setting up a Ravelry store

Well I am trying to set up my Ravelry store but first Paypal has to be verified and to do that you need to get 2 deposits from them into your account. I have been waiting for the deposits but so far nothing (5 days) Once that is done I can put my scarf pattern up. Here is a picture of the scarf it is called Off to the Races Scarf.