Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sick Days

I have gone and done it!  Yes I came down with a cold and it feels like the Mother of all colds.  Today is morning 3, Day one I was flat on my back all day and slept most of the day, day 2, yesterday I was better and I only slept about 4 hours during the 15 hours I was awake.   Today I wake up with a nose that thinks it is a drain and a head that is throbbing, mild body aches and just a all around icky feeling, although I am starting to get hungry.  So you ask how does this have anything to do with knitting?  It does in that right now I am working on a sample of a the wrap I am working for the Italian yarn company that is very detailed lace and hard to do when you are foggy, and a sample for Knit Picks of one of my new cowls which has lace, short rows and cables.  So as you can guess they are both sitting in time out till I am clearer headed but I do have a wrap I am working on that has an easy lace pattern for the center and then the edge is added later so I was able to work on that.  So my Question to you is do you have something you could work on when you are sick or would you start something new?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day giveaway winner

And the winner is number 4!!!  Sara who said... Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love you have for family and friends...nhsarab at yahoo dot com February 12, 2011 6:20 PM.  Congratulations Sara please email me at knit4udesigns at gmx dot com with you address and put valentines winner in the subject line!