Friday, March 20, 2009

Update on my Birthday outing!

We had a blast on my Birthday. We (my Mom and I) left the house at 8 am, went into the city (Chicago, 30 mins away) and picked up my Moms friend and my Uncle Patrick who is also born on St Patricks day. We went out to breakfast and then started driving to Michigan and to Four Winds Casino. We got there about 12:30. We all split off and played on the machines till about 6:30 when we went to dinner. At dinner I found out my Mom had won $1600 on a dollar machine!!!!!!!! After Dinner we played some more till 11:30 pm. We then started the 2 hour trip home. I had brought $300 to play with and I brought home $100 so I was very very happy even though I didn't win anything to bring home. Our next time up there may be in May for my Moms birthday.

Here is a picture of the 4 leaf clover I tatted and wore for luck. This is the first thing I ever tatted in my life!!!!!!!


  1. Wow your mom had luck on her side for sure! That's a very pretty 4 leaf clover. I didn't know what tatted meant, I had to go look it up. haha There is a really good video on youtube showing how to do it.

  2. I learned how to do the tatting by watching youtube!!!!!!!!!