Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Name the Hoody contest winner!

As you know on this post I asked you to help me name my new pattern!  The names where wonderful!  I had a very very hard time picking and in the end I picked 2 names that I am going to combine!!!!  So our first winner is:

Sam said...

I'd call it Breaking Dawn...the warmth and color remind me of a cold winter sunrise...plus, wicked awesome search engine possibilities when the movie comes out!
January 22, 2011 7:29 PM
And the second winner is:
nightpaws said...
The hood looks like it has the same short rows that a you use to turn a sock heel. Are you going to advertise your pattern as a great way to learn heel turning in a bigger, more visible yarn?
Anyway, since the hood reminds me of a sock heel for a giant, I think you might want to call it the "Chunky Heels Hood".
Also I'd like to clarify that my hood-sock analogy is not meant to be offensive in any way. I like the way the hood looks.
January 19, 2011 1:36 AM

So to explain my logic here I love the name Breaking Dawn and the image I get in my head of walking as the sunrises with my hood on!  I also love the way Nightpaws saw that yes this is a short row heel on a very big scale and that I should push that more in the marketing of the pattern. 

So what is the new name of the pattern you ask???

Breaking Dawn Chunky Heels Hood!

OK I will be contacting the 2 winners or they can just email me at knits4udesigns at gmx dot com with "name the hood" in the subject line.  I have a skein of green cascade 128, which is the same as the purple yarn, so one of you will get the purple one will get the green and both of you will get a pdf of the pattern soon as it is ready for release, (I am hoping this weekend)!

Here is the green yarn knit up in my throw just so you have an idea what it looks like!

Congratulations to the winners and please know I loved all the names I really did!  As a matter of fact I am doing a crocheted version of this pattern and I may use one of the names that was left here if I do the person that posted that name will be getting a free copy of the pattern!

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