Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here comes Indian summer!

So the last few days have been glorious! In the 50’s-70’s during the day and at night well heck one day it was down to 36. But now it is slowly creeping in INDIAN SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend we are expecting to get back into the 80’s and that means we will get the humidity and this will last up to 2 weeks and then fall will really kick in! I hate Indian summer because I took out my winter stuff because it was cold, (blankets and clothes) and now I have to switch back to summer stuff, plus the cold is better for knitting!!!!

As for what is on my Needles! Right now I am working on writing the pattern for the throw pillows that go with the Tuffet, which is in testing, next, will be the throw blanket! I am also working on a sample knit for a designer that is a sweater!

My Ribbons of Love sock Pattern was received by Knit Picks and I should know in the next week or so if that pattern will be accepted! Also my Off to the Races Wrap pattern will be having its photo shoot on the 8th Tomorrow! Which means it will also be going live soon!

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