Friday, November 19, 2010

Review of Intwined Pattern Studio Program

Intwined Pattern Studio

Last week I invested in the Intwined Pattern Studio Program and all I can say is it is amazing! I was doing all my patterns using Excel for my charts and then Microsoft word for my pattern lay out. Now with Intwined Pattern Studio I can get everything done in ½ the time! This program allows you to draw out your chart, so if you know the lace pattern you want to create or the cable you want to make you can just set the chart to the number of stitches and rows you want and then draw it on. Now the amazing magical thing that this program does for you is it will write out the written directions for you as you make the chart. Now if you know the written directions but want to make a chart this program can help you there too! Just type in the written directions line by line and the chart will magically appear for you! I can’t say enough about this wonderful program and how helpful it is in producing your charts and patterns! Thank You so much Intwined for this wonderful product that at a cost of $44 is an amazing bargain. I do want to say I was not contacted by this company in anyway and this is an unsolicited review of their great product! I just had to share with you all how great it is. If you are interested in more information please go to their website located at

I am hoping to bring you more reviews in the future! Thank you.

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  1. I agree it has been very helpful. At first I was feeling miserly about the $44, but I really liked the even more professional looking results that I got with it and I can only anticipate that over time with getting used to the program, my pattern writing will not only become quicker, but also more sophisticated. Good call in buying it AND recommending it!