Thursday, November 11, 2010

I was lazy today!

Today for the most part I got nothing done that I planned to get done, instead I have been working on one of my Celtic knot throw blankets.  It is based on the Celtic trinity knot filet crochet pattern that you can see on our second page.  I had a wonderful idea for a woven cable border but that didn't work so now I am going to use seed stitch, and even though I have the chart for the filet crochet I need to rechart it so that it is double the size!  I have been working on the chart since 12pm and it is now 5pm but I am not even close to done since I changed the border once I started working on it.  I will post some pictures tomorrow of the wonderful yarn that came from Cascade tomorrow and do a review of it as well.  Well I am off to work on my chart because I can't knit this till it is charted.

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