Monday, November 8, 2010

The Saga of the felted foot stool

I have finished knitting the Foot Stool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a picture of it before felting!
It has been felted and it is still drying (has been for over 8 hours already)  I tried putting it in the dryer but after 40 mins it was still wet, I then put it out side and after 7+ hours it is still damp.  I am sewing it now while it is damp and then it is going back into the dryer.  Once it is done I will take pictures and post them here!  I am so happy to have this done. 

Today I also typed up and put into testing my newest design

Called Dragon Skin Cowl if you are interested in test knitting this and you are on Ravelry please join us on that thread and then pm me telling me you are interested in testing it! 

Well now I am off to work on sewing the bottom of the foot stool on and the zipper then I will be working on my blanket design that goes with the tuffet pattern I have in testing. 

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