Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick 10pm Feb, 1st Blizzard Update


Ok, what is up with the thunder and lightening that started about 30 minutes ago????  I have never seen it with snow in my life and yet here it is.  Now of course I did try to get it on video or a photo but no luck!  Sorry but I do have a few pictures that I was able to get so you can see how much snow we have gotten since the last post. 




Right now it is 21 degrees out but it feels like 1 degree and the wind is 37 to 48 miles per hour and I can tell you it sounds like they are faster and harder than that.  I have no idea how much snow we have gotten but I would guess that it is at least 4 inches maybe 6 already!  Ok I am going back to my knitting and unless something major happens like a pig flying by my window (which after the thunder and lightening during the snow would not surprise me) I will post a video and some pictures in the morning!

Oh one more thing, if you are in this storm too, and most of the USA is in it or at least the eastern 1/2 is.  Post how you are doing, or make a blog post and post a link here in the comments so we can all share how we are doing!

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