Friday, November 5, 2010

Answers to questions and me being side tracked by yarn!

Well today I thought I would answer some questions from the comments.  I was asked by Jaguarrior, who posted "I love to do Dishcloth Kals, and on months where I'm not super busy (eeek christmas is coming!) I'll knit 2-3 a month. A dishcloth a month would be perfect! Are you going to do it like a calendar or just release one a month? "  The answer is I have been thinking about formatting the pattern to maybe look like a calender, of course this will be after I write the pattern and start the formatting.  Now my thinking is to do a blank calender so you could use it every year if you wanted, but then I was also thinking of just doing it as a collection of the 12 patterns instead.  I was also thinking a dish rag a month club could be something fun to do but that is something I would look into maybe next year.  Please continue to post on the thread below this one for the contest and I am reading your posts and will answer any questions as they come up.

Now on to being side tracked by yarn....OK so I was all ready to be good and work on the chart I have been putting off for 2 days and then work on the foot stool and this sneaky ball of Berroco Comfort chunky that I had left over from my scarf set that is in testing kept taunting me...."Patricia don't you want to play with my soft fibery goodness?"  it was saying.  So being weak I gave in and hopefully by Monday I will be putting into testing my new cowl!!!! 

Well now I am off to eat dinner and then back to knitting!  Have a great evening and see you here tomorrow!

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