Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Morning and Happy Saturday

It has been really hard already keeping up with this blog every day for the month thing but I am still plugging along!  I decided to try blogging early today instead of worrying about doing it later as I may be out then.  So as I sit here drinking my coffee and trying to clear sleep from my mind I and promising I will be only working on my charting and foot stool today!  OK maybe 2 hours on my new cowl so I can finish it up and type it up for testing on Monday.  I am hearing rumors that we may have snow soon and I will take pictures of our first snow fall and post them for you all. 

Great news came in an email yesterday a second company has agreed to send yarn support for my Celtic Knot throw blanket series!  That is 2 of the 3 taken care of now, of course this means I need to knit them and I have the foot stool to finish, the blanket that goes with the tuffet to do, those 2 blankets and the 2 sweaters I promised my friend LOL  I really really need to finish my last filet chart which will also be the 3rd blanket!  Oh and I want to start work on the dish cloths and put in for yarn support for those this coming week.

OK today's question, please post your answers in the comments below! 

How much would you pay for a pattern with 12 dish rags in it?
Also would you be interested in a dish rag of the month club?  What would you expect from it?  Pattern? Yarn? Both?  and what would you pay for a Dish rag of the month club that only gave you a mailed copy of the pattern?  Or would you want the PDF and what would you pay for the PDF version of dish rag of the month club?

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